Very Important Exhibitor Information April 1st Update

Draft Horse Update

The 2019 Big Sky Draft Horse Expo Committee welcomes you to the event and appreciates your support. This document includes information that was not included in the Premium Book or things that have changed since the Premium Book was distributed or items that need clarification.  

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Carrie Hahn

Carrie Hahn and her Percheron horse

Carrie Hahn lives in the Helena valley. She became interested in driving during the 1989 Montana Centennial Wagon Train. Shortly thereafter the Ten Mile Drivers club was formed - she was instantly hooked! She is president of the Ten Mile Drivers, an organization that does all sorts of events-overnight trips, day drives, shows, play days, sleigh rides and much more. She has Percheron horses and enjoys doing anything she can with them. She is constantly learning new things and enjoys the camaraderie of her fellow teamsters.

2018 Results

6 Horse Conformation – Hitch

  1. Kyle Forsyth, Double S Belgians
  2. Enos Yoder, Yoder Family Hay Company
  3. David Cunningham, Meadowlake Belgians
  4. Wade Thornley, Eagle Rock Belgians
  5. Freeman Yoder, Highpoint Clydes

6 Horse Conformation-Hitch

  1. Kyle Forsyth, Double S Belgians
  2. Freeman Yoder, Highpoint Clydes
  3. Enos Yoder, Yoder Family Hay Company
  4. David Cunningham, Meadowlake Belgians
  5. Wade Thornley, Eagle Rock Belgians

6 Horse Driving-Hitch

  1. Brandon Mo