The Show Must Go On!

"The Show Will Go On!"

It has been a crazy year to make plans related to any activity or event and, of course, the Big Sky Draft Horse Expo has been impacted like all the others. We are, however, moving forward with plans for the 2021 show, but the final decision will be made in March. The Committee is working with state and local officials to ensure any decision made is based on the latest and most accurate information available.

Assuming the show will be held, the following is some information to bring you up-to-date on current plans for the show.

2019 Winners

Pleasure Cart: 

  1. Nancy Bare
  2. Jerry Johns
  3. Ray Woodside
  4. Brenda Woodside
  5. Dick Renfro

Ladies Cart: (Hitch)

  1. Marcia Forsyth-Double S Belgians
  2. Dominque Waugh -Meadowlake Belgians
  3. Amy Thornley – Eagle Rock Belgians
  4. Alexia Vanderkamp -- Nagle Belgians
  5. Roxanna Nagle – 9N Belgians
  6. Sandy Wessling – T&S Belgians

4 Horse Driving: (Open)

  1. Ray Woodside
  2. Bob Tomaskie
  3. Di

Very Important Exhibitor Information April 1st Update

Draft Horse Update

The 2019 Big Sky Draft Horse Expo Committee welcomes you to the event and appreciates your support. This document includes information that was not included in the Premium Book or things that have changed since the Premium Book was distributed or items that need clarification.  

Read the Updated 2019 Exhibitor Important Info Document