The Expo’s goal is to educate the general public about draft horses, mules, and related equipment while entertaining the whole family. Several different breeds of magnificent draft horses and mules will be competing in classes during the three-day show. However, this show is not just about the competitions, it is about teamwork. Many of the participants are families who have owned and shown these draft animals for several generations. These families know what hard work is. Grandparents, parents, kids, and grandkids are up early getting their horses and mules ready for the show or work. This is a year-round endeavor.

This exciting weekend boasts Show Hitch Classes including Cart Class, Unicorn, Unicorn, Four, Six Horse Confirmation Classes, and several other classes open to the Show Hitches. There are also classes for those competitors who don’t own Show Hitches. This group is called the Open Class and these folks compete in working horse and driver classes; classes that feature skills such as log skidding, precision, and obstacle driving. There are even some classes that are based on SPEED! Also included in the show are classes for youngsters who are just getting started in this almost forgotten skill.

Expo encourages our audiences to get involved. On Saturday Draft Horse 101 will be presented in front of the Grandstand. This is an opportunity to learn about draft horses, harnessing, and some of the equipment used in driving horses. There will be lots of time for questions. During the show, there will be a time for kids to come down from the Grandstand and participate in a boot race or in stick horse barrel racing. Everyone is encouraged to visit the barns to meet the horses and their people. Bathing a one-ton animal is not nearly as easy as giving a bath to your dog. Harnesses are cleaned, manes and tails are braided, wagons and carts polished up. There is always something going on. This is where the public really gets an inside view of the devotion, hard work, and love these families have for their animals. It is absolutely wonderful to watch the youngest and the oldest working together, no electronics, no “screens” just people and animals!!!